Who we are

Tenterden Twilight Commercial Cleaning began as a small cleaning company – since 2015, it has grown in leaps and bounds and now cleans a vast array of buildings, offices and facilities across Kent and East Sussex. The name was chosen to reflect the hours we work, and our pride in being based in Tenterden. As we have grown, so we are now known as Twilight Cleaning and Facilities Management.

Quality Management

All clients have a dedicated account manager who liaises with the client to ensure the site is cleaned to spec and on time. To this end, Twilight ensures transparency to its clients on a regular basis. Twilight’s account managers often do unannounced visits to client’s premises to ensure our staff maintain the quality of the clean.

Twilight Cleaning also holds both public liability insurance and employee insurance.

Health and Safety

We go above and beyond the legal requirements for health and safety, with ongoing training, and we pay the highest level of attention to the relevant laws and protection needs. Every site we clean has its own risk assessment profile, which we check and assess on a regular basis. We train all staff in the management and handling of chemicals as well as the equipment we use.


All staff wear branded uniform so they can be easily recognisable. This is particularly important for the work we do in the general public, such as cleaning public conveniences.

Training and development

We train all staff in using our equipment as well as our customer service methods. Training is continuous throughout the staff member’s career. We expect all staff to spend some time cleaning to understand the customer journey and how it impacts our business. We encourage staff to develop their skills and develop their interests whilst working at Twilight.

Why choose us

Here are just a few reasons to use us….

  • Twilight Cleaning, a brand name of Tenterden Twilight Commercial Cleaning, is a local, female-owned limited company.
  • We are renowned for our work at Tenterden public toilets – we made front page of the Kent Messenger for bringing the social back to social media through our hard work and we’ve been mentioned on Heart FM for our cleanliness!
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed – qualified references are always available.
  • Rigorous risk assessments are carried out prior to start of the clean.
  • Regular cleans to one-off cleans and emergency call-outs – for when others let you down, we can drop in at a moment’s notice.
  • Quoted as excellent by councils who enjoy our accountability, transparency and dedication to get the job done.
  • We only invite suppliers to be part of our quest who can show the same work ethic of transparency, dedication and sheer commitment.
  • Not a faceless organisation – we are proud to give excellent customer service to all our clients across the South East. Our clients come first every time.
  • Twilight Cleaning has founded and support a charitable organisation close to our heart.
  • Our company is the largest cleaning company in the area, but the director still occasionally cleans to ensure quality!

Our clients and partners

Our clients include a number of commercial units, councils, schools and premises across the Kent and East Sussex area.

  • Parish Councils, Town Councils and Borough Councils
  • Schools
  • Industrial/Commercial Units in Factories and Industrial Premises
  • Offices/shops

Some of our clients and partners are listed below: