The State of the UK Cleaning Industry: A Key Report 

Twilight Intelligence, a division of Twilight Cleaning is currently undertaking research into the UK cleaning industry, to improve the knowledge and intelligence available to customers, suppliers and the general cleaning marketplace.

The report, which will be launched late 2017, will be a result of a detailed investigation into the industry. It will be vital reading for all companies involved in the industry, as well as individuals who are thinking of entering the industry.

Furthermore, we can segment this report to make it relatable to your organisation. This will be either through a sectoral or regional basis. This gives you a competitive advantage as you can see what your strengths and weaknesses are and exploit them commercially.

For an example of the trends we’ll be highlighting, or the themes we’ll be discussing, email us at

You can also pre-order the report at a special price – email us for more details.

Sponsorship of the report is also available for key cleaning suppliers – get your organisation at the forefront of the research and gain exposure. For an informal chat about how this would work in practise, call us on (01580) 761232.


You can also commission research and intelligence in the following areas for the cleaning industry:

  • Competitive intelligence (find out who your competitors are, where they’re based, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and what prices they charge.)
  • Supplier landscape (who are the suppliers, what are their specialities, what do they stock?)
  • Commercial management (what are the opportunities for your company on a local/national level? Who are your potential clients? How do you win tenders and how you manage contracts?)
  • Market research (Original market research for new products, new companies and rebrands – effective market research provides leads as well as part of a business development campaign – this can be an ongoing programme for clients)
  • Product development (In conjunction with market research, this explores usability, the customer journey and the potential of your current website or product)


Understanding what steps your business needs to take to be profitable can be daunting. In conjunction with the research offered above, Twilight Intelligence offers a follow-up to ensure the research and/or the report findings, is used effectively. This can be in the form of coaching, mentoring, or writing guidelines for the organisation. It could also mean helping with rebranding, sales, marketing or business development.


In conjunction with The State of the UK Cleaning Industry report published later this year, Twilight Intelligence can package this into learning deliverables for organisations – what do your staff need to understand, how can they use this information in their career development, and how can your business use it to win business and remain competitive?

Twilight Intelligence is developing a basic training package based on its findings, which can be accessed both online, or face-to-face. For more details, email us on

To order a more bespoke training package, call us on (01580) 761232 to discuss.

Twilight Intelligence is a brand of Twilight Cleaning and Facilities Management. We pride ourselves on our independence, but we may refuse work if it conflicts with our parent company’s objectives.