In previous blogs I’ve written about storytelling, polls and connecting with your audience. In this blog, I’d like to talk a little bit about social media exposure and awareness, specifically using LinkedIn.

If it isn’t something you’ve given airtime to then try it, make this year a year for being seen and for all the right reasons. It is January, so time to start the New Year as you mean to go on, positive and well connected.

I have a wide array of connections on LinkedIn and as I gain more connections, the easier it is to connect to more people. I think in all honesty, LinkedIn is a tool which is self-perpetuating, the more you use, the bigger the audience you have.

For example, I shared a post last week that had over 200 views. One of the people who viewed the post messaged me directly and asked for more information. LinkedIn is different to other social media accounts in that you know who your audience is (unless shared to other audiences, of course). If you’ve gained good quality connections, the message you’ve posted will be seen, commented on and shared in very interesting business circles.

In my case, I’ve posted and shared articles and posts which I think are relevant to my audience. That audience is growing and will only continue to grow.

The exposure this has is immeasurable. At an event last month I met several people who were not connections of mine but had mutual connections. After the event, it was easy to connect on Linkedin gaining a valuable contact to raise even more exposure.

To summarise – this is 2018. Make it your year on LinkedIn, that one connection leads to one more connection and so on, with all the more exposure. I know this seems like common sense, but a lot of professionals join LinkedIn, connect with some colleagues and just watch for other people getting new jobs. I would never do that! So, if that is you, try and be proactive, post articles, share posts, and you’ll see your personal exposure widen in no time at all!

As always, have fun too and enjoy it and lastly, have a successful 2018!